Browns' hire of Hue Jackson "On the Mark"

Browns' hire of Hue Jackson "On the Mark"
On the Mark (Source: WOIO)
On the Mark (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - When the Browns cleaned house on the last day of the season I was ready to bury them. And I don't mean bury them for the 2015 season, that happened long ago. I was ready to bury their 2016 and probably 2017 seasons as well. I even said they were simply hiring their next former head coach!
Then they hired Hue.
Hiring Hue changes everything for me. It changes the perception that Haslam and the front office are clueless. He had options, but he CHOSE the Browns! He did not even want to talk to the New York Giants because he wanted to coach here!

It changes their perception to the league. Getting Jackson seemed to command instant respect from league observers and other teams. They still have to win games, but that's just it, this is the hire that makes people think they will now win games.

I went from hating every move they make to loving this one and being anxious to see their next. If this is not the most impactful hire since they came back I'll be surprised.

It should at the very least be the most impactful since Butch Davis. Davis didn't leave Browns fans with a good taste in their mouths, but he did nearly make the playoffs in his first year, then did make them his second season. You can't argue Butch did have a positive impact on the team in those first couple of years.
Jackson should surpass that. He isn't the power-hungry guy Davis was. He also doesn't assume he's the smartest guy in the room. He is looking forward to working with this front office, not telling them what to do.

He'll have impact on the decisions, but won't be relied on to always make them. His quick dismissal of Johnny Manziel as "not a starter" adds even more credibility to me.

Not because he does not want to start the guy, nobody coming here would want him! It's because he didn't bother with any BS. "He's not a starter," means they're moving on. So let it be written, so let it be done. But the Browns aren't done with their off season. They're just getting started. And if their first move is any indication on where this is going, there should be more to like just around the corner.

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