Local actor hits the big screen in film on terrorism

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A new independent movie on terrorism is being filmed right now in India.

A local man plays a leading role in that movie and he attributes much of his career success to the Beck Center in Lakewood.
From the Beck Center stage, to the big screen, Cleveland native Timothy Ryan Hickernell says the  Performing Arts Center in Lakewood played a leading role in his success as an actor.

"I used to do pottery here and then I saw 'Sound of Music' and told my family while it was still happening, 'I want to do that,'" says Hickernell.

Hickernell would star in Beck performances like Scrooge and Cinderella at the center. 

Now he's just back from India, filming for a new movie on terrorism through the eyes of a terrorist.

"I play a reporter and it's based on real facts. They haven't announced it yet so it's kind of a top secret project. The director has won a national award," Hickernell said.

The crew is still finishing production and because of the film's sensative subject matter, Hickernell cannot say too much about it.

"This is a true story. They're also filming in north India so Pakistan is just a few hours away and you just have to be safe,"  Hickernell said.

The Paris attacks happened the day Hickernell arrived in India. He says the original actor cast in his role turned it down because of the danger involved.

"They had offered me security but I said no, my character would go around here. I have to be brave," added Hickernell.  

Now back at home and visiting the spot where it all began, Hickernell says he's taken away so many lessons from his experience in India.
"To not judge someone by their religion, to trust in humanity, to take risks,  to see how lucky we are as humans living in America, the opportunities we are given."

Hickernell's movie will be out in late 2016.

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