Willowick considering passing Tethering Ordinance

Willowick considering passing Tethering Ordinance

WILLOWICK, OH (WOIO) - If a new ordinance is passed in Willowick, humane officers will be in a better position to help animals who are left outside, tied up for long periods of time - especially in the snow and freezing temperatures.

"This antiquated system leaves a dog out in the elements so they are subject to rain and snow and sleet, and if they don't have proper shelter and food, then that's inadequate care," said Lee Nesler, Executive Director of the Lake County Human Society.

Willowick City Council will have the first reading of the ordinance Tuesday night.

According to the new law, animals cannot be tied up outside for more than six hours a day and no longer than two consecutive hours with at least an hour in between tethering.

Animals would not be tethered between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

They can't be tied up if no one is home or if there is severe weather.

Tethers must be at least 20 feet long and cannot have a choke or pinch collar.

Willowick Mayor Richard Bonde, who is a dog owner himself, thinks the ordinance will pass.  He says the humane society asked all of the cities within Lake County to pass ordinances like this one.  Neighboring communities, like Willoughby and Mentor, have already passed tethering laws. 

"We haven't had a big issue with this in our city, in the twelve years that I've been mayor, but we've had other issues of animals being left in houses, abandoning animals - especially cats. I think this fits in to that same philosophy that we expect people
to take care of their animals," said Mayor Bonde.

Willowick City Council meets at 7:30 p.m.

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