Pitbull shot after it attacks Cleveland Heights Woman

Pitbull shot after it attacks Cleveland Heights Woman

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - A local police officer is being called a hero after a dramatic rescue in Cleveland Heights. It was all caught on Officer Everett Haworth's body camera.

The woman told the police officer that the Pitbull attacked her as she tried to leave the home. She called 911 and when Officer Haworth got to the scene he tried to separate the dog from the woman but it would not let go.
The dog started to bite her neck so the Officer shot the dog in the neck. Officer Haworth said the dog then came directly at him in an aggressive manner so he shot the dog a second time and the dog died.
Officer Haworth cared for the victim until the ambulance came. Police say the woman was treated for non-threatening life injuries and will survive.

Cleveland 19 learned this is not the first incident involving this dog. The animal was supposed to be quarantined after it attacked a young child earlier this month. The owner was cited after that incident.

Cleveland 19 is waiting to hear if there will be any charges for this latest attack.

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