Women say Lyndhurst's deer-culling program is barbaric, includes 4-inch rod in head

Women say Lyndhurst's deer-culling program is barbaric, includes 4-inch rod in head

LYNDHURST, OH (WOIO) - Betsy Traben and Jill Walker are determined to fight city hall.

They want the city of Lyndhurst to abandon the trap and kill method of deer population control, and they are sharing a video
that demonstrates what they call a very barbaric method of culling deer

"They can thrash around and die of fear in the cage, and then what they do is they come and put a 4-inch metal rod in their head to kill them," described Jill Walker, one of those who organized a meeting Sunday at the South Euclid Library, where Lyndhurst's trap and kill program will be discussed.

"When the people come to put them down, they have to bolt them in their head, which quite often doesn't take at the first hit.  You'll get them in their face, their eyes.  It's a very barbaric and bloody method," said Betsy Traben, who lives in South Euclid, but is protesting this method of killing deer.

Lyndhurst Mayor Patrick Ward says city council approved the use of the traps last year. 

Mayor Ward says the traps have been placed in some undisclosed locations, but they have not been set yet and are just being monitored right now for traffic.  Ward says no deer have been killed using the traps yet. 

Traben and Walker say they're not convinced there is a deer overpopulation problem.  Traben says she contacted the Lyndhurst Police Department to get their reports related to deer.

"I received 31 reports from the past over two years, and a lot of the calls are just saying, 'Hey, there's a dead deer in the road or on my tree lawn.  Can you please remove it?'  There have been no injuries, no deaths," said Traben.
Mayor Ward says deer overpopulation in the city of Lyndhurst has been an issue for at least the past decade.

But if the population needs to be reduced, both women say the city needs to look at more humane alternatives. 

"That's cruel and barbaric, and we don't want it to happen in Lyndhurst," added Walker. "Everybody needs to speak up and say we need to stop this now."

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