Report: Teen doing heroin with mother, her girlfriend inside motel

ME: Teen was using heroin with mother before death
A dead teenage boy was found at this Super 8 hotel in Green on Wednesday. (Source: WOIO)
A dead teenage boy was found at this Super 8 hotel in Green on Wednesday. (Source: WOIO)
Andrew Frye (Source: Facebook)
Andrew Frye (Source: Facebook)

UNIONTOWN, OH (WOIO) - According to the Summit County Medical Examiner's office, 16-year-old Andrew Frye had been using heroin before he was found dead in a Green hotel room.

Frye's autopsy was scheduled for Thursday. The ME's office has not completed a toxicology report yet or determined for a fact how he died.

The initial report said that Andrew, his mother Heather Frye and her girlfriend Jessica Irons all checked in to the Super 8 motel in the 1600 block of Corporate Woods Parkway Wednesday because he wanted to go swimming. The report goes on to say that Heather told police she and her son went to go buy water. A detective's note on the report stated that initially Heather and Andrew we're going to go buy heroin, but that they eventually had Andrew's grandmother get the heroin for them. Andrew's grandmother she was not mentioned in the report beyond that.

It went on to say that Heather told police that she, Andrew and Irons all did heroin, with Andrew going into the bathroom of the hotel room because his mom did not like watching him do it.

The three went to sleep, Irons woke up and found Andrew unresponsive and called 911 at about 6:45 pm.

The report states that Andrew was found laying next to the bed with his knees bent as if he had been kneeling. He was wearing sweatpants and earrings. Drug paraphernalia was found in the hotel room. Andrew was pronounced dead at the scene.

Cleveland 19 spoke to Andrew's great aunt, who had custody of him for years. She was inconsolable, and broke into tears almost every time she spoke about him. She told Cleveland 19 that Andrew had been pressuring her lately to allow him to spend more time with his mom. His great aunt said through tears she regretted letting Andrew visit his mom Wednesday.

The Summit County Sheriff's Department is investigating what happened.

"We don't want people speculate too much [about what happened] and lose sight of the fact that a 16-year-old is dead and that's a sad fact regardless of the situation," said Holland.

He said the department is conducting interviews, and that the potential for criminal charges does exist, but no one has yet been arrested or charged with anything in connection to Frye's death.

Holland didn't say that the department was investigating the case as a heroin overdose, but did comment when asked about the heroin epidemic in Summit County.

"Anybody who watched the news, reads that paper any kind of social media, you can see what an epidemic of heroin and drugs these days. It's taking people's lives. It does not know boundaries of socioeconomic, race, religion, it doesn't discriminate. It's taking lives from everyone." Holland said. "It's getting to the point now where almost everyone knows someone who's been affected by this heroin epidemic."

According to data from the state, Summit County's drug overdose rate nearly doubled from 2009 to 2014.  The state points to the drug fentanyl getting mixed with other drugs like heroin as a big cause for the increase in overdoses.

Summit County had the third highest number of drug overdose deaths involving fentanyl in the state in 2014 with 53.

"We're seeing it younger and younger, and we're seeing it older and older," said Holland. "Now it's any age, any area, it's not specific areas of the counties or city you live -- in it's all over."

There were no signs of trauma on Andrew, and that investigation into what exactly happened is ongoing.

The superintendent of the Green school district tells Cleveland 19 that Andrew withdrew in the fall from Green High School. Andrew attended online school through the Akron Public Schools.

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