Medical breakthrough could be the end of painful shots

Medical breakthrough could be the end of painful shots

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's a big fear so many people have when it comes to visiting the doctor, shots. Nobody likes them, but a new technology might eventually mean the end of needles for medicine. It's an extension of what's called nano technology, engineering tiny particles to do big things.

The New York Center for Nano Medicine Research is taking it to a new level with a patch that can replace the needle for a few conditions. "It's a very easy way to avoid what everyone dreads, getting a shot," says Scott Patrick Sellitto. The patch, which has been engineered with micro needles, can transmit medication and test blood sugar levels without you feeling a thing. Sellitto adds, "it's a hot technology right now, it opens the door to many more drugs."

The patch is expected to be the next big thing in medicine. Researchers say it can be very precise, and even tailored for each patient's medical needs. Researches stress that this has huge implications for patient health, and goes beyond the one size fits all pills.

The patch can be used for allergy treatments too, helping people over time develop immunity to things they can't tolerate even peanuts. Patients could skip going into the doctors office for their allergy shots, as they would only need to change a patch daily.  

Patients with diabetes will see the biggest benefit from the new device first. Which when you factor in the staggering diabetes statistics, every third American adult will develop type 2 diabetes within the next 35 years, will have a huge impact on the medical community.

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