ACT tutoring becoming a big business

ACT tutoring becoming a big business

CHAGRIN FALLS, OH (WOIO) - The stakes are high for high school students as they work their way into the final two years of school. College decisions, the application process and the ACT test loom over their heads.

Like it or not the pressure is on to come up big on the test. Number one, every student wants to get into their school of choice and then parents hope a big ACT score will lead to some scholarship dollars.

Eileen Parmalee is a former high school teacher and administrator, now retired. She wanted to find a way to stay involved in education. Along with her sister-in-law they formed the Parmalee and Parmalee and they tutor students from kindergarten through high school, but a growing part of their business is ACT tutoring.

"If they don't have the strategies to help them complete the test in the time allotted, even if they are very bright, it's not going to happen," Parmalee said.

Parmalee and Parmalee is located in Chagrin Falls and at this time of year they are booked solid even on Saturdays and Sundays with high school students all looking to push their score up a point or two, or more.

They do concentrate on academic areas where a particular student may be struggling but the critical issue they teach is test taking strategies.

A two or three-point score improvement can mean the difference between getting into their top school, or the difference in winning thousand of dollars in
scholarship money.

"I've had students go up nine points which is unbelievable. I probably average 3-4 points, and that's everybody but I am working at all skill levels," Parmalee said.

Cindy Uveges has sent three daughters to Parmalee.

"It's the one-on-one tutoring sessions that made the most impact with my girls," she said.

All of the Uveges girls met their goals so that investment in time and money paid off, "I think Eileen instills a confidence in the kids, she cares about them and the kids love her," she said.

When Parmalee sees the commitment from parents and then that's met by the students willingness to work she is confident they will all have success.

"The parents are invested in the child's education, they're serious students, it's a matter of how hard they want to work, and then we can get them there," said Parmalee. 
Rates can vary from firm to firm that offers ACT tutoring, at Parmalee, depending on what service you request, basic ACT tutoring starts at $75 per hour.

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