What motivates LeBron to watch 'Godfather' during Finals?

LeBron can't pick favorite line from 'The Godfather'

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - LeBron James has reportedly turned to watching "The Godfather" multiple times during the NBA Finals, but he wouldn't pick a favorite line.

LeBron said Wednesday that there are too many lines and phrases to pick just one that motivates him.

"Each movie is nine hours long. What do you want me to do? I don't know, I'll let you pick one, it's a great trilogy," he said.

So we went ahead and picked some of the best lines we thought would motivate Lebron. Which is your favorite?

"Great men are not born great, they grow great . . ."

"Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment."

"Revenge is a dish that tastes best when served cold."

"A friend should always underestimate your virtues and an enemy overestimate your faults."

"Many young men started down a false path to their true destiny. Time and fortune usually set them aright."

"Why should I be afraid now? Strange men have come to kill me ever since I was twelve years old."

"Never let anyone know what you are thinking."
- Mario Puzo, The Godfather

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