Best (& worst) moments in Cleveland sports history

Best and worst moments in Cavaliers history

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland fans are more than excited about a NBA Finals Game 7 and the possibility of a championship.

It's been a long road of historical moments filled with cheers and heartbreak.

Cleveland19 anchor Brian Duffy put together a list of the top moments in Cleveland sports: (Watch his breakdown in the video player above)

  1. Cavs beat Washington, miracle of Richfield, 1976
  2. Cavs lose to Bulls in shot game, 1989
  3. Cavs win Eastern Conference Championship, 2007
  4. Cavs lose 2007 NBA Finals
  5. Cavs lose 2015 NBA Finals
  1. Indians win 1995 Pennant
  2. Indians lose 1995 World Series
  3. Indians lose 1997 World Series
  4. Indians blow 3-1 ALCS lead to Boston 2007
  1. Browns lose to Raiders on Red-Right 88, 1981
  2. Browns lose to Broncos in drive game, 1987
  3. Browns lose to Broncos in fumble game, 1988
  4. Browns lose to Steelers in playoffs, 2003

Remember, that this is Believeland and we've waited long enough for a championship. Go Cavs!

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