Cleveland businesses taking steps 'just in case' in advance of GOP convention

Cleveland businesses taking steps 'just in case' in advance of GOP convention

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The film is only an 8 mm clear security film says John Hansen the owner of Suntrol, a company that installs film over glass windows.

You may be familiar with the use of film for protection from the sun but this film is different.

It stops glass from shattering. A company demonstration video shows how the treated glass panes stood up to what amounted to a SWAT attack.

It was aggressive but the glass held. And that is important for a building that could be near a violent protest as at the RNC.

Two panes of glass we saw had large caliber bullets shot through them. The bullet went through but the shattered glass stayed put.

Hansen said, "It's there it's invisible, nobody is really gonna know it's there but it's gonna prevent the glass from flying through the air if there's an explosion or if there's something else happening."

Along with the bullets the demonstration panes of glass each were beaten with hammers. The film held it in place. It would prevent someone from breaking out glass and entering a building or throwing something like an explosive inside. On a car window John explained how the bond, once the film is attached it is nearly impossible to break.

There is an old saying, the proof is in the pudding.

We saw a piece of glass with the treatment on it. It had already been shattered but was still intact.

We did a little experiment hitting it twice at full swing with a baseball bat.

Our reaction.

It works.


Many buildings downtown have added the protection, most aren't advertising it, but anticipation of the RNC is a factor for some.

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