Cleveland police union reacts to Dallas violence: 'Insanity'

Cleveland police union reacts to Dallas violence: 'Insanity'

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The following is a statement released by the president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association during Thursday night's violence in Dallas, in which a shooting took the lives of five officers.

Steve Loomis' words have been slightly altered to reflect updates in the story:

(At least 10) Dallas police officers have been shot, (five) of them killed! During a Black Lives Matter protest. Two snipers (were) at large in their city and (were) considered active shooters.

We have reached out to (Police Chief Calvin) Williams through the chain of command to pull our one man cars and immediately pair them up. He has done that. 

Several community leaders have reached out to me with sincere condolences and pledges to stand with us to provide a united front against this insanity.  We will evaluate that idea carefully before acting.

Several state union leaders have contacted me via email regarding Dallas and have expressed their extreme concern for us during the RNC. Not that we developed a universal plan of action during these conversations, but I feel there will be one soon.

Inflammatory words from yet another set of weak-kneed politicians, from the state governors to the President of the United States, have further empowered and incited those who choose to believe the false narratives and premature conclusions of a very small, albeit vocal group, within our national population.

When will the politicians learn that our lives stand in the balance of their politically-motivated and fact-less rhetoric, not theirs?

Join me in praying for the officers and their families in Dallas and for all of law enforcement officers and the CIVILIZED law-abiding citizens we are here to protect.

To our CPPA members, please remain alert and extremely cognizant of your surroundings. Remain mobile at all times unless you are at the District on reports or lunch. If a radio call doesn't smell right, call and wait for backup because it's not right.

Dispatchers and call takers, if a call doesn't smell right to you, please send backup. Remember your training and tactics, folks, and please watch each other's backs.


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