'Cleveland has been amazing', says Eric Trump

Eric Trump: Cleveland's been amazing

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Donald Trump's children have been taking to the stage at the Republican National Convention to convince America their father is the best choice for the White House.

Trump's second-youngest son, delivered his speech Wednesday night to delegates and America.

Eric Trump spent Thursday morning talking about Cleveland. He said he's having 'a blast' in Cleveland and expressed how impressed he's been with law enforcement and security this week. He also discussed why Cleveland is such a special place for his family.

"It all started in this arena. We were here for one of the first debates, as you remember very well. It was kind of the thing that kicked off the whole campaign. So to be back here where my father's the Republican Nominee, it's a very, very, very special thing."

Eric Trump went on to say what a great time he is having in Northeast Ohio.

"Cleveland has been amazing. The whole convention has been amazing."

He also says, security-wise, he's never felt so safe in his life.

"Law enforcement in the city, the job that they've done, is like beyond anything and the local fire department, they've done such an amazing job locking down the city. I've never felt so safe in my entire life. They've done a tremendous job."

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