Owner reunited with lost dog adopted by someone else (video)

Owner reunited with dog mistakenly adopted

STARK COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - The kennel manager at the Stark County Humane Society said they are doing "everything in their power
 to reunite a lost dog that was adopted with the original owner.

Kennel manager Bob Spivey said he contacted the person who adopted the dog and she happily returned him to Ebony Barsic, the original owner of her lost pet.

Barsic said the Stark County Humane Society adopted her missing dog to another family right in front of her.

"To be right there and to touch him and to have to walk out without him was hard," said Ebony Barsic.

After weeks of looking for her family dog that ran away from home, Barsic thought Friday her search had finally paid off.

For more than a month, she'd been on the lookout for her dog. She said she posted on missing pets Facebook pages and visited the Stark County Humane Society once a week for three weeks. She finally thought her search was over when someone sent her a picture of her dog that was posted online.

"Yesterday, I got a message in my inbox with a picture and it was my dog. I knew from the picture it was him," she said.

Right away, Barsic went to the downtown Canton adoption event being held at Grapes in a Glass during First Friday.

"I called his name and he turned and looked and I told the people, 'That's my dog,'" she said.

Barsic thought she'd be reunited with her dog, Kenyo, but that didn't happen.

"I was excited to finally find him and then, like I said, they basically said, 'Too late,'" she said.

Barsic said the Stark County Humane Society was in the process of adopting her dog out to another family. The humane society had changed her dog's name from Kenyo to Homer.

"It's not like he was adopted out three weeks ago, I mean, I was standing right there and they were still doing paperwork on it," Barsic said.

Spivey said the Humane Society is not trying to shift the blame, but said Barsic came to the event, said, "That's my dog" and left. When she returned the dog was being adopted, he said.

On the Stark County Humane Society's website it states dogs must be claimed within four to seven days. Barsic said Kenyo went missing more than a month ago. His intake sheet states he was found at Auto Zone July 29, which is just down the road from where Barsic lives. "He has a license that's registered to me for 2016, and she didn't care," Barsic said.

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