Ashland abduction 911 call transcript: 'Are you bleeding?' 'Not anymore'

(Source: Ashland County Pictures)
(Source: Ashland County Pictures)
Published: Sep. 17, 2016 at 4:55 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 17, 2016 at 5:46 PM EDT
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ASHLAND, OH (WOIO) - A woman called 911 Tuesday morning saying Shawn Grate abducted her.

She whispered back and forth with an Ashland police dispatcher for about 20 minutes, revealing he was in the bedroom with her, he did not own the house, and had likely broken in.

The woman, who hasn't been identified, was eventually freed by authorities. Below is the transcript of the call.

RAW: Grate's ex-girlfriend says kidnapping suspect 'hid in the bottom of my sofa'

Dispatcher: 911, What is the address to your emergency?

Victim: (Inaudible)

D: What is it?

V: (Inaudible) Fourth Street laundry mat

D: What's your name? How do you spell your last name? Who abducted you?

V: Shawn (Inaudible)

D: You said John Green?

V: Shawn Grates

D: Where's he at now?

V: Asleep

D: Where's he sleeping at?

V: In the bedroom

D: In what bedroom?

V: There's two houses right by the laundry mat and it's in one of those houses

D: But you're at the laundry mat?

V: No, I'm in the bedroom with him

Shawn M. Grate's criminal background includes violent domestic incident with woman

D: What color is the house? If I'm looking at the laundry mat, which way is it?

V: If you're looking at the laundry mat it's the one of the left of the two

D: You don't know what color the house is?

V: No. I'm sorry.

D: Does he have a car?

V: (Inaudible)

D: So you think it's a yellow house?

V: I think so

D: It's an apartment?

V:  No it's a house

D: Does he own the house?

V: No he broke in

D: Does anybody actually live there?

V: No it's been abandoned

D: And his name is Shawn Grate?

V: Yes

D: Does he have a weapon?

V: He's got a Taser

D: Where do you live?  What does he look like? Is he a white man or black man? Is he 6' or is he shorter than that? Do you know how much he weighs?

V: Maybe 6' probably 175

D: Are you injured?

V: A little

D: What color is his hair?

V: Brown

D: Do you know what color his eyes are?

V: No

D: What is he wearing?

V: Nothing right now

D: OK stay on the phone with me. Stay on the line with me, OK? Is he still sleeping?

V: Yes

D: where did he take you from?

V: My apartment, I mean I was walking with him

D: You were walking with him?

V: Mhmmm

D: Where were you walking to?

V: I've known him for like a month and a half

D: Is there any way you can get out of the building?

V: I don't know without waking him and I'm scared

D: Is there a bathroom in the house?

V: His bedroom is closed and he made it so it would make noise

D: If you told him you had to go to the bathroom he would do something to you?

V: Yeah. Because he had me tied up

D: Are you tied up now?

V: Yeah but I kind of freed myself

D: Is he in the same room as you?

V: Yes

D: Is it his phone you have?

V: Yes. Are they on the way?

D: OK. We have officers we're sending

V: Please send them now

D: OK if you're worried you don't have to talk you can set the phone down OK? Are you upstairs or downstairs

V: We're downstairs. There's a side door on the right of the left house and that's where we enter. There's a kitchen and right off is the bedroom

D: Do you need an ambulance? Are you bleeding?

V: Not anymore

D: What were you bleeding from? You don't have to talk if you don't need to, OK? Do you know where he lives?

V: No. Oh (expletive). Oh (expletive), I just woke him up.

Woman says she was approached by abduction suspect?

D: OK set the phone down.

(Long silence after what sounds like a third voice)

D: Are you still there?

V: How much longer

D: Do you hear any officers outside? They're in the area

V: Do you think they could come in the side door?

D: Is there a padlock on the bedroom door or just a lock

V: No I don't even know if he locks it (inaudible)

D: Can you see if you can get out?

V: No I'm afraid of waking him (inaudible) I don't even know if it's open

D: Is there a window around there you can look out?

V: Yeah but the floor squeaks and it's right by his head

D: Are you laying down?

V: No I'm standing right by the bedroom door

D: And you can't open it? Can you open it?

V: I'm standing without making noise

D: Is the door to the house open?

V: I don't know, probably. I don't think he has a key. He broke in I'm pretty sure. The curtains are all shut

D: What's that? What's that noise?

V: I don't hear anything

D: Do you think you can get out? If you think you can get out, you need to get out

V: Not unless they are right here. He can catch me and he's strong

D: She's on the first floor. Are you the one closest to the laundromat or the other one?

V: If you're standing at the laundromat looking at the houses it's the one on the left. Side door. Side door

D: OK can you hear them?

V: Yes

(More voices)

D: Are you out of the bedroom?

V: Yes.

D: The door doesn't have a doorknob? Can you see them?

V: Push the door

D: She said push the door there's no doorknob there. Can you get out of the bedroom?

V: (Inaudible)

D: Can you hear anybody right now?

V: I heard the side door open. I'm out of the bedroom

D: Can you get to the door where you can see out? Can you get out of the house? Are you at the door?

V: Yes

D: She's at the door. Is there a window there?

V: Yes. Come back, come back. Hurry, hurry! They can see me if they come to it.

D: The door is locked she can't get out

(Heavy breathing)

D: Can you unlock the door at all?

Officer: Get out, get out here. Where is he?

V: Bedroom sleeping

D: OK they have here

O: Unarmed? You need to go over here


O: Show me your hands


O: Where are you? Come on out here. You can’t be in there. Here cover yourself up. Tell me what happened. What happened?

Listen to 911 Call

Two bodies were also found in that Ashland House. Grate was arrested and led authorities to a third body in Mansfield.

He now faces several charges.

Bond set at $1M for man accused of killing 2 women in Ashland

Grate's criminal record before Tuesday's charge spans about six years, but the charges are for misdemeanors.

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