Cleveland mayor's grandson in court after scuffle with police

Cleveland mayor's grandson in court after scuffle with police

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A Frank Jackson was in court early Tuesday. No, not the mayor -- but someone in the same family tree.

Frank Jackson III faces charges of resisting arrest after an incident back in July. Police say the 19-year-old was stopped by police along Martin Luther King Drive after Jackson's dirt bike broke down. During that stop, the police say Jackson wrapped both of his arms around one of the officers, a female patrolwoman.

Jackson's attorney is asking the judge to approve a diversion program for his client. The program is for defendants with no criminal records.

But Carl Monday's team found Jackson was prosecuted in the past in connection with a criminal trespassing case. Two other cases involving a controlled substance and burglary were dropped.

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor is supporting the diversion program for Jackson.

A judge will make a final decision after the court does a background check.

The young Jackson's inclusion in the dirt bike culture has become legendary. Last year, Monday aired video of Jackson illegally riding his dirt bike on city streets, an activity that landed him in the hospital after a nasty spill. In the past, the Mayor told Monday he was aware of his grandson's dirt bike interest.

City Council is considering legislation to build a controversial $2 million motor cross track on the east side.

Last year, Cleveland 19 rode along with the Ohio Patrol as they rounded up the illegal ATV and dirt bikers. Some Cleveland police have been reluctant to stop the dirt bikers, citing the city's pursuit policy.

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