Shawn Grate says he's only half remorseful for deaths of 5 women

5 women that made a serial killer
Published: Oct. 7, 2016 at 5:01 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 7, 2016 at 10:08 PM EDT
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Shawn Grate in court. (Source: WOIO)
Shawn Grate in court. (Source: WOIO)

ASHLAND, OH (WOIO) - Possible serial killer Shawn Grate spoke from the Ashland County Jail Friday and he opened up about himself and his victims.

During the interview Grate, 40, confessed to all five murders and said that he was not happy with the not guilty plea entered on his behalf because, "I admitted it." And he said he was trying to free himself. Grate said he wanted to marry the woman who called 911 and got away.

Grate was arrested on Sept. 13 after that woman called for help and claimed to have been abducted. The bodies of two women were found inside the Ashland home on Covert Court, where he was squatting. Grate admitted to authorities that he had killed another woman in Richland County and led them to her body that same night. He also confessed to killing a woman in Marion County. His last victim was a woman by the name of Rebekah Leicy from Mansfield. Grate provided new details to police and they are currently looking at the evidence and at DNA to connect him to that case, even though he confessed to all five murders during the exclusive interview on Friday.

Throughout the conversation, Grate said he was religious and so were some of his victims.

He admitted that many of the women seemed to have lost their way and were lonely and didn't want to live anymore. Grate said he would give them a hug and say, "We are all in this together." Then choke them to the point that they would say they wanted to live. But when they didn't cry out to save their own life, he ended it for them.

Of Grate's five victims, he confessed to "choking out" four of them. The other, a woman who has yet to be identified and who he believes was called Dana, was stabbed in the throat. Grate said she was scheming him over magazine subscription sales and he had to end it, because he had company coming over to his house soon. At the time of Jane Doe's death, Grate was living in a house in Marion, Ohio. He left her in the basement then took her to Victory Road and left her body there in 2005. It was discovered two years later and all the Marion County sheriff has to help identify her is a sketch.

Two of Grate's victims knew each other. He said that the woman who escaped the morning of his arrest had also lived in the same area as Elizabeth Griffith. Grate would go to the Stoney Creek Apartment complex in Ashland and play badminton with his escaped victim. He said he wanted to marry the woman who got away and has not publicly been identified.

Grate didn't speak much about Stacey Stanley, one of the women found in the home on Covert Court. She had a flat tire and he "helped" her. Grate took her to a home that he had been squatting in for some time, he said. That's where he hid Elizabeth Griffith's body, in an upstairs closet. Stanley was hidden in the basement of the same home.

Detectives in Mansfield and the Richland County Prosecutor's Office are working on new evidence provided to them by Grate and DNA to tie him to the death of Rebekah Leicy, who he admitted to "choking out," as well. When asked what happened, Grate said they met at a bar and claimed she had stolen $4 from him while he went to the restroom. The coroner's office in Ashland County ruled her death drug related, but Grate confessed that he had strangled her, too.

So what is Grate afraid of? The death penalty. During the interview, Grate said that he was afraid of the death penalty and wants to be set free by God on his own time, and not by the hand of the state. When asked if he was remorseful, he said he was "50/50."

There was a 10-year gap between his first murder of Jane Doe in Marion County and Rebekah Leicy in 2015. What had he been doing during that time? Grate said he now has three children. A teenage son who resides with his grandmother, a 4-year-old daughter and another daughter who is "18 or 19."

The only visitors who have seen Grate behind bars has been his mother, attorney, and Cleveland 19.

Click here to read a summarized interview with Shawn Grate. These are our producer's notes as best as could be recalled.


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