Here's a sneak peek at the new Cleveland Clinic Avon Hospital

Here's a sneak peek at the new Cleveland Clinic Avon Hospital

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Clinic is expanding once again, and will open a new hospital in a few weeks.

"Just being a part of the whole new campus, it's just amazing," said lab worker Kim Shumyle.

It is an impressive looking five-story building -- 212,000 square feet with 126 beds. And the training is on for hundreds of health care workers breaking in their new digs at Cleveland Clinic Avon Hospital.

"With the new technology, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity," said nurse Rachael Guitar.

Excitement is building for the grand opening of the $143 million project which has been in the works for about three years.

Hospital leaders gave our Catherine Bosley an exclusive sneak peek tour of what they are already so proud of. Hospital President, Dr. Rebecca Starck, explains it's meeting a huge need for inpatient care they didn't know was there until opening the adjacent Family Health Care Center in 2011.

"So now we have our own Cleveland Clinic hospital out here to bring these patients to their community," she said. "It's not meant for high acuity heart surgery patients, more for basically the shorter stay, to be in and out in a couple days."

But it will also provide some specialized services like heart catheterization and orthopedics.

Built from the ground up, every detail is state of the art -- even the patient rooms, designed according to research of patients and health care providers on what they want most out of a room. Big space is a big deal from the hallways, to an expanded emergency room, and even over-sized operating rooms.

"When you provide that nice environment for everyone to work in it also provides a healing environment for our patients" says Dr. Brent Burkey, Vice President of Medical Operations.

The facility opens Nov. 15.

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