Romona's Kids: Local teens on positive path thanks to Housing Authority

Romona's Kids: Local teens on positive path thanks to Housing Authority

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Many local teens are on a positive path thanks to youth programs at the Cuyahoga County Metropolitan Housing Authority. They teach kids how to be good citizens through community projects, like a new display that is helping to break the cycle of domestic abuse in a very powerful way.

The Purple Silent Witness exhibit marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The life-sized wooden silhouettes honor women, men, teens, and children murdered in acts of domestic violence.

Johnny Holloway is one of the students from Housing Authority's Teens Achieving Greatness program. He helped create the exhibit and paint the figures.

"It made me feel compelled because many times we just overlook domestic violence and we just don't bring enough attention to it so I feel happy that I was able to do this so we can be aware of how domestic violence affects families," he said.

The Housing Authority also helps connect families to Wi-Fi, so high-achieving students like Kheziah Frazier no longer have to leave their homes to use the internet for school.

"They gave us a tablet that came with an internet box and a keyboard," said Frazier.

Kennedy Collins-Black, a high school senior, is also a TAG student who does office work for the Housing Authority and tutors students at the community center near her home.

"It just makes me a better person, knowing that I'm helping other people," said Collins-Black.

Jaziah Shipp also works with younger kids and is a member of the group, Distinguished Gentlemen of the Spoken Word.

"I always wanted to help out in the community and make a change in the community," said Shipp.

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