Black Shield opposes vote by CPPA to endorse Donald Trump

Black Shield opposes vote by CPPA to endorse Donald Trump

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There's continued controversy for the Cleveland police union, and it's all over a vote to endorse Donald Trump for President.

Some members are not happy with that vote and are now demanding action.

Taking that vote was controversial from the start, but the results have met a wall of opposition from members of Cleveland's black community and the Black Shield, which represents the police department's cops of color.

"There are officers on this police force, White, Black and Hispanic that do not agree with this endorsement," said Lynn Hampton, president of Black Shield Policeman's Association.

Recently, fewer than a third of the almost 1,200 members the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association voted to endorse controversial GOP presidential candidate Trump.

"I think it's very hypercritical and down right wrong. We have a duty and a moral obligation to speak up for the women on this police force. We have a duty and moral obligation for women in our community. We have a duty and moral obligation in our families. So, we are calling on the CPPA to rescind this endorsement of Donald Trump," Hampton said.

Kimberly Davis Gill is a policewoman with CPD/CPPA and Black Shield. She says she asked CPPA's Steve Loomis not to hold the vote.

"I said relations between the police and the community are at their lowest," she said. "I said do you really think this is the time for us to get involved
in politics? His response more or less, he was still going to do what he wanted to do."

A group of about 100 people is calling on Loomis not only rescind the endorsement of Trump, but to step down from the commission that oversees the implementation of the DOJ decree.

Cleveland 19 News reporter Harry Boomer texted Steve Loomis, who was in arbitration. But during an hour long conversation with him the other day, Loomis told Boomer Trump best represents the law and order position that Cleveland needs to reduce crime and to be effective.

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