Friend says Shawn Grate sent chilling text: 'Meet the other me'

Shawn Grate's former friend talks about chilling text message

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The man who confessed to multiple murders in northeast Ohio remains behind bars in Ashland County. Shawn Grate was indicted on 23 counts in connection to the murders of Stacey Stanley and Elizabeth Griffin and the kidnapping and rape of an unidentified woman who managed to escape and call for help.

The bodies of Stanley and Griffin were found in a home at 363 Covert Court in Ashland after the kidnapping victim called police on Sept. 13.

After his arrest, Grate allegedly told police about three additional murders of Candice Cunningham, Rebekah Leicy and an unidentified woman. He has not yet been charged in any of those cases.

A former friend of Grate said he hung out with him for two years.

"I thought I knew Shawn. I rode over to his place and we would play pool together. He would come to my house. We would have dinners. We just did so much together," said Tim Denis.

Denis said he noticed another side of Grate in 2014, when Grate asked to borrow $20.

"I've just had bad dealings when loaning out money to friends so I made it a policy not to do that. He understood but he was upset. Afterwards, later that night, I get this whole string of scathing messages from him. Finally at the bottom of all that he said, 'meet the other me,'" said Denis.

Grate admitted to the murders, saying he wanted to free himself of the burden.


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