13 celebrities who support the Indians

13 celebrities who support the Indians

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Obamas, Hillary Clinton, John Cusack and more have all posted about how excited they are about the Cubs making it to the World Series, but the Indians aren't without their celebrity fans. Here are all the stars who have thrown their support behind the Indians.

1. Tom Hanks

The actor shouted "Go Tribe!" after hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend.

2. Monica Potter

The "Parenthood" actress and native Clevelander has been a longtime fan of the Indians, and even wore an Indians shirt during an interview with Cleveland 19's Nichole Vrsansky last week.

3. Arsenio Hall

The comedian is from Cleveland and is a big fan of his hometown team.

4. Drew Carey

Carey is also from Cleveland and is famous for his love of the city.

5. LeBron James

Cavs star LeBron James used to be a Yankee fan, but he and his teammates have been all about the Tribe this season.

6. John Kasich

Ohio's governor is ready to #RallyTogether.

7. Michael Symon

The Cleveland-area chef has been a fan of the Indians for his whole life.

8. Kid Cudi

The rapper has expressed his support for the Tribe in the past.

9. Yvette Nicole Brown

The comedian and "Odd Couple" actress is from Cleveland, so it makes sense she would support the Indians.

10. Kenny Lofton

The former Indians player is putting his support behind the team this season.

11. Drake

Okay, so Drake has been a fan of pretty much everyone, but he did once support the Indians and even threw the first pitch out at a game in 2011.

12. Stephen King

The horror author is not afraid of an Indians win.

13. Charlie Sheen

Okay, so we don't actually know who Wild Thing supports, but Sheen did say he would be happy to throw out the first pitch at the World Series, so we're going to count him in the Tribe's corner.


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