Will "super glue" keep Trevor Bauer's finger together tonight?

Is Bauer's finger ready to go for the World Series?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer threw out pitches in a simulated game on Monday and said that the injury that left blood dripping and fans gasping during Game 3 of the ALCS in Toronto, wasn't an issue.

The team had said they would use super glue or a medical adhesive to close up the nasty cut Bauer got from his drone.

Dr. Kevin Malone, Chief of Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery at University Hospitals says super glue is not a miracle cure and that it is not commonly used in the hand because the joint would need to be immobilized.

Used in conjunction with stitches though, the super glue could be effective, in general.

"He needed to get that wound sealed up with the thought that it may help. I'm guessing because l have not seen him. We do not like to put that stuff in fingers or around joint because in order to make it work, you have to immobilize the joint for several days. It's never really an ideal practice to immobilize a joint. We want to get the finger moving," said

Bauer has had close to ten days to heal up for tonight's game.

"It's usually around five or six days for that wound to be able to be healed enough to withstand most normal motion and tension. I think that the time frame for him was going to be about ten days from the time it fell apart to when he might pitch," added Dr. Malone.

You can probably expect some tight shots tonight of Bauer's now famous pinky. The big question is will that nasty injury hold up to the intense blood rush and torque that comes with a major league pitcher's throw.

"My understanding is that he already pitched a simulated game - threw a couple of pitched last night according to the media. They would be able to tell you how he did. I imagine he had it covered or protected for that, but Major League won't let him do that in a game," said Malone.


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