2 Clevelanders have been to every postseason Indians game

Indians fans Bob Senkar and John Wilson
Bob Senkar and John Wilson (Source; WOIO)
Bob Senkar and John Wilson (Source; WOIO)

CHICAGO (WOIO) - A sold out World Series game at Wrigley Field wouldn't be complete without Bob Senkar and John Wilson.

The Cleveland Indians fans have been to dozens of games this year, including every single postseason game both home and away.

"We've been with (the Indians) in Toronto and Chicago. We got last minute tickets and we couldn't miss it. It's been absolutely phenomenal," said Senkar.

Not only did the two catch Game 4 Saturday, they're sitting inside Wrigley for all three Chicago World Series games.

During Friday's nail biter Game 3, FOX cameras captured Senkar in the bottom of the ninth.

"It's unbelievable to be here. It's just a dream come true to see our name on the marquee out there. It's unbelievable," said Wilson.

Saturday before the game the two stood in the front row with a small crowd of fellow Indians fans as the team warmed up. Although Tribe fans may be outnumbered in Chicago, Wilson and Senkar said they wouldn't miss the experience at Wrigley for the world.

"You know, it was a great season all the way through and now the seasons just been a joy," Senkar.

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