Westlake home invasion victims pistol-whipped

Westlake home invasion victims pistol-whipped

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - A knock on the door on Halloween is not unusual, but getting robbed at gunpoint and then getting beaten with a gun in Westlake is.

That's what happened on October 31 around 8 p.m.

A Westlake couple told police that two men, with their faces covered, forced their way into their house after the wife opened door thinking it was trick-or-treaters asking for candy.

The suspects wanted cash instead.

After they left, one of the victims called 9-1-1.
Caller: I need police please.  Two people came into my house with guns. 
Dispatcher: There's two people in your house with guns? 
Caller: I don't know if they're still here or not.

There was terror in the voices of the homeowners when they called.

Dispatcher: Are you in a room where you're locked in it? 
Caller: We're in the closet.

"They demanded money from the woman and her husband and when the husband hesitated one of them hit him over the head with the handgun and inflicted an injury and at that point he did surrender the cash they had in the house," said Westlake police Captain Guy Turner. "We can't for sure but I doubt it was a random crime to just go in and pick up the pocket cash from somebody."

After being pistol-whipped the male homeowner was taken to St. John Medical Center for treatment.

Captain Guy Turner of the Westlake police says a substantial amount of money was taken. The home invasion sent a shockwave to neighbors.

"Well, I think it's very unusual for it to happen in this neighborhood," said neighbor Bill Mueller.

Mrs. Mueller says she's also concerned.

"The only thing I can tell people in the future, make sure the lights are on and make sure you look first before you open that door.  If you see little kids that's one thing but when the person is as tall as you or taller I think you would hesitate," she said.

"The only things we're hoping for is that these two guys will blab and talk about the great hit they made in Westlake. If anybody hears those sorts of remark we'd like to hear from them," added Cpt. Turner.

It looks like the suspects knew exactly who they were robbing.  Captain Turner says crooks don't usually hit a house for mere pocket change. Nothing else was taken.

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