Lebron James, J.R. Smith rally for Clinton in Cleveland

Lebron James, J.R. Smith rally for Clinton in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cavaliers players LeBron James and JR Smith joined Hillary Clinton at a rally held at the Public Auditorium Sunday.

LeBron and Clinton waved to hundreds of her supporters before James introduced his teammate as a surprise guest.

"I want to bring up a good friend of mine who's also someone who supports Hillary as well my good friend JR Smith," said James.

James publicly endorsed Hillary in October.

"I grew up in the inner city and I know the whole notion of getting out and voting and I was one of those kids and I was around a community that was like our vote doesn't matter but it really does, it really, really does," said James.

During the rally Clinton who focused on the economy, but also talks about her plans for student loan debt, affordable childcare, and bringing jobs to Ohio.

"That's why I want us to have a big infrastructure jobs program there is so much done good honest honorable dignified work our roads our  bridges our ports our airports our tunnels our water systems and these are jobs that can't be exported they've got be done right here in Cleveland in Youngstown in Dayton in Akron in Cincinnati," said Clinton.

Clinton also touched on equal pay.

"I also think if you're working you ought to get paid fairly which is why we need to guarantee equal pay for equal work," said Clinton.

Many who attended the rally like Clinton Bridges we're in support of Clinton's plan.

"I like the deal about education free education for people who are making $120,000 under," said Bridges.

Others, like Vicki King, suggested that LeBron James' appearance may encourage others to make the effort to vote.

"If they see LeBron James voting for Hillary they may say okay I'll vote for her as well," said King.

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