Protesters claim man arrested in Oberlin bakery incident was profiled

Updated: Nov. 10, 2016 at 10:33 PM EST
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OBERLIN, OH (WOIO) - About 50 people protested Gibson's Bakery in Oberlin on Thursday, after a shoplifting incident earlier in the week.

A bakery employee, Allyn Gibson, said he saw a man attempting to hide two bottles of win under his shirt Wednesday, according to a police report. That man was later identified as Jonathan Aladin, 19.

Gibson told Aladin he was going to call police, and Aladin tried to leave the store.

When Gibson tried to take a picture of Aladin on his cellphone,  Aladin slapped Gibson's hand, and the phone hit him in the face, according to the report. Gibson told police Aladin then ran to the back of the store, where he got into a scuffle with another employee at the bakery.

Aladin went outside and met up with two women across the street he was initially with.

Gibson tried to detain Aladin, according to the report, which states Aladin then punched Gibson and threatened his life. The two women also began to kick and punch Gibson, according to the report.

Police found Aladin had a counterfeit South Carolina ID card and credit card with Aladin's name.

"It should be noted that as the reporting officer was interviewing all three subjects, several other individuals who were also on scene at the time of the incident and who were initially interfering with officers attempting to gain control of the situation, began stating that (Gibson) was the aggressor and the black man didn't do anything wrong," the police report states.

Aladin was arrested and will appear in court Friday.

The two women with him, who were accused of kicking and punching Gibson, have been identified as Endina Lawrence and Cecelia Whettstong and were arrested for assault. They will also be in court Friday.

Protesters passed out fliers Thursday, claiming Aladin was "assaulted by the owner" of the bakery. They're accusing police of racially profiling the three who were arrested, saying they were not questioned or read their rights before they were arrested and charged. They claim that the bakery has a history of discrimination, and were encouraging people to shop elsewhere.

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