Mom says teachers didn't tell her about child's broken ankle

Mom says teachers didn't tell her about child's broken ankle

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - One Cleveland parent says her second grader broke his ankle while playing in gym class at Miles Park Elementary this week. She also says school officials failed to tell her that.

"I felt very sad that I couldn't get to my son when it first happened to help him. I didn't get a call from a teacher a principal, nobody," Sierra Jones said.

Jones said her son told the substitute teacher that he hurt his ankle Tuesday, and the teacher wrote him a pass to get an ice pack. Jones said she had no idea her son was hurt until hours later when she picked him up from school.

"The kids ran straight to my car and said, 'Akeem his crying, Akeem is hollering.' Before I even walked in the school I hear my baby screaming and hollering," said Jones.

She rushed her son to the hospital where doctors treated his ankle.

"(Cleveland Metropolitan School District) staff follow standard protocol when a student is hurt at school, and that includes examining and treating the child if needed, calling the parent, and completing an accident report," said CMSD chief communications officer Roseann Canfora. "Unfortunately, no accident was observed and no injury was reported by the student to either the gym teacher or the principal. The principal called the parent today to gather information and is investigating the child's claim that he later told a substitute teacher he had hurt his foot in gym class and the substitute recommended that he ice it."

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