Olive Garden donates to man's organization after claims of racial profiling

Olive Garden donates to man's organization after claims of racial profiling

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - A local comedian said he was recently kicked out of the Parma Olive Garden after he asked for a new server.

Though a restaurant employee claimed on a 911 call sexual comments were made to a server, Ricky Smith said he only asked for a new server when a black server said she doesn't like serving black people.

Olive Garden released the following statement regarding the situation:

Our number one goal is to create a welcoming environment for every one of our guests each day.  We take these allegations seriously, and discrimination of any sort will not be tolerated in our restaurants.

Olive Garden has been responding on Twitter to the claims as well.

Parma police have released 911 calls that stemmed from the incident.

"They were making sexual comments to our server and then the next thing was they got ID for alcohol and they wanted to buy more than their IDs allowed, like they wanted to buy alcohol for minors," an employee said on the 911 call. "That's when it started to get racial. And they asked for a server that was white."

Parma police Capt. Kevin Riley said the officers responded a short time after that call, adding the customers were cooperative at that point.

"The individuals left on their own and were friendly with our officers," he said. "As far as we know, the situation is closed. There was no police report taken, there are no criminal charges pending, there's no investigation as far as our department is concerned."

Only a "service report" was filed.

It appears Smith and the restaurant chain reached an agreement following the incident:

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