How to protect yourself in dangerously cold temperatures

How to protect yourself in dangerously cold temperatures

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It only takes a few minutes in today's frigid temperatures to get frostbite.

Emergency room physician Howard Dickey-White from University Hospitals says immediate frostbite symptoms include someone being disoriented or confused and blisters popping up on their skin exposed to the cold.

The elderly are most vulnerable to frostbite. Dr. Dickey-White tells us one of the reasons he doesn't see many kids in the emergency room is because parents take the time to bundle them up.

The body parts most prone to frostbite are tips of the ears, nose, face, fingers and toes because they have the smallest blood vessels in the body. Keep them covered! If not, your life can be changed forever.

"You can lose extremities. We see people mentally impaired who get frostbite on a Wednesday, don't get care until Saturday or Sunday and it's already gangrenous," Dr. Dickey-White explains.

If you know someone in need of a place to stay warm and avoid frostbite while the temperatures are in the single digits, many organizations in the area have opened their doors. These places include City Mission in Cleveland, Firestone Park Community Center in Akron, and Center of Hope in Ravenna.

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