East Cleveland Residents test Noble Road dump

Testing for Deadly Air Toxins
Updated: Dec. 28, 2016 at 6:22 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A group of East Cleveland residents recruited an environmental specialist to test the area around a recycling center after concerns that it may contain toxins. Piled high on Noble Road in East Cleveland are heaps of old, wood, metal, drywall and other trash.

When Harris Drummonds looks out his window, this is what he sees.

"You have the rodents to put up with, the smell, it's not very good," said Drummonds.

A company called Arco Recycling owns the lot that the dump sit on. East Cleveland residents have been complaining about the dump for about two years since Arco Recycling opened up there.

Drummonds and others are concerned that the dump could have harmful effects. Which is why a committee of concerned residents have ordered there on tests done on the site.

Jim Riffle is a Certified Industrial Hygienist overseeing the tests.

"I was contacted by some of the representatives of the Noble Road Hazardous Waste Community," said Riffle.

Riffle took samples of dust from around Drummonds home and nearby streets to get a reading on what toxins could be there. He also used this camera that he says shows when dangerous gasses are present.

"There's a methane emission coming off the landfill," said Riffle.

"I came out looking for Methane and I found some hydrogen sulfide gas present in the air around the landfill. Hydrogen Sulfide causes issues with eye irritation, throat irritation, it can affect your internal organs"

Riffle said he will have the official results a little over a week from now. Drummonds said he just wants the city to work toward a ensuring a good environment.

"I have grandchildren and I have neighbors that are very concerned and everything, but we haven't had anyone to help us," said Drummonds.

Last year Ohio EPA and Cuyahoga County Board of Health reported no issues with Arco Recycling and have received no complaints. Neither did city of East Cleveland.

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