Police learn at racial intelligence seminar

Police learn at racial intelligence seminar
Updated: Jan. 3, 2017 at 6:39 PM EST
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SOUTH EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - A new racial intelligence training program is hoping to calm both police officers and the community before interactions get out of control.

"Racial intelligence training is a combination of emotional and social intelligence combined with the right tools to treat ourselves and others fairly," said Randy Friedman of the RITE Academy.

Police are learning to identify their own biases and emotions they bring to the job every day.

"It starts with us.  Everything we do starts with us, making sure we have the right mind set.  That we are well in mind, body and spirit so as we approach situations," said Chief Scott.

It's a way to leave emotional issues at home, and have a positive attitude facing the public.

"If we are having a bad day before we come on duty, it's going translate to a bad day with the public we deal with.  That's not fair to the public," Scott said.

Some of the lessons learned work both professionally and personally.

"Although it's directed toward police training, the whole situation with police intelligence applies to us in our personal life as well as our professional life.  My wife will be pleased to know there's a lot of things I've learned today," said Joel Brown from the Ohio Association Chief of Police.

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