Smokers in Ohio burn $1.4M in a lifetime

Smokers in Ohio burn $1.4M in a lifetime

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - According to, not only is smoking deadly but costs Ohioans $28,108 annually and $1,433,524 over a lifetime in health-care expenses, packs of cigarettes per day, income losses and other costs.

Out of the country's 51 states, Ohio is right in the middle, at 25.

Though it's still a lot, Kentucky is the cheapest in the nation with smokers in the Bluegrass State spending about $1.1 million over their life span. Rounding out the top five with the lowest costs are North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee. The most expensive states to smoke are Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York.

WalletHub's study was done in an effort to encourage the estimated 36.5 million tobacco users in the U.S. to kick the dangerous habit.

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