Cleveland start-up, BluBoard is a sign of things to come

BluBoards may be a sign of things to come
Updated: Jan. 23, 2017 at 12:06 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland is on a roll lately. The city has been re-energized with the success of the sports teams to downtown living and the restaurant scene.

Not as well known, but just as important, there is now a thriving creative product development culture growing particularly on the Healthline from downtown to University Circle.

That includes LorkTech, a company on the verge of taking their product public. It's called the BluBoard. It's a wire free, zero power, digital display
that can be remotely updated into the future.

If you haven't seen them around town yet, you will soon. The developers at LorkTech believe they have created the sign of the future.

Versatility and ease of use are just two of the reasons co-creator Mark Lorkowski is excited about.

"It's been very exciting seeing people's eyes widen, it's even more exciting when their head starts to run and they start to figure out a lot of different applications for the system and the BluBoard," said Lorkowski.

Since it can be updated, is weather-resistant, visible in sunlight, and only uses power when it's updating, the developers believe it's a cost savings over printed material.

You can create your messages from any device, your phone, laptop or tablet.

The toughest part for this start-up, according to co-creator Peter Decapua, is introducing people to the new technology.

"Trying to get people to understand what it is, it's not an LCD screen, it's not paper, so we're bridging the gap between, so you get people that think I have three eyes when I explain it to them."

The technology has been in development for years, and the breakthrough came when they switched their focus from shelf labeling to larger signage.

"Fast forward 16 months and that's why we're here today, we have clients, we have a product that is actually viable and we have a lot of interest for it," said Lorkowski.

BluBoard reports they are on the verge of announcing a couple of key clients.

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