In the words of Aaron Rodgers, Cavs fans need to R-E-L-A-X (including LeBron)

Updated: Jan. 26, 2017 at 11:13 PM EST
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DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Losing has a way of creating a lot of drama, and that's been the case for the Cleveland Cavaliers the past few weeks as tension is supposedly growing between management and LeBron James.

James has been upset with the way the current roster is constructed and seeks more help on the back end of the bench.

I'd say ... calm down just a bit.

This is the same roster that won a NBA title -- minus Delly and Mozgov (who jumped to greener pastures in the summer of 2016, but neither were receiving big minutes anyhow).

James has mentioned names like Raymond Felton and Michael Beasley as guys the Cavs could have signed. Wait … does he really think those two guys will make a real difference in beating Golden State for an NBA title? Raymond Felton played a key role in us winning an NBA Championship falls into the QUOTES YOU'LL NEVER HEAR ANY NBA COACH OR PLAYER SAY category.

At this point, asking for another play maker just sounds like an excuse. They already have Lebron, Kyrie, and Kevin Love, three All-Star players. How many teams can say they have that kind of firepower? Well, Golden State, and that seems to be what's creating this whole stir. The acquisition of Kevin Durant has sent the NBA into a frenzy, leaving LeBron to likely wonder if the Cavs have enough to beat the Warriors.

Well, I have news for them, no one is out there to trade for that can match that kind of free agent pickup. He's a Top 3 player in the world, and that was a rare move for a rare player.

If the team is in a financial bind, maybe LeBron has some responsibility for that. Didn't he lobby for Tristan Thompson to get that huge pay day? Didn't he also speak out in favor of JR Smith getting paid? Well, these are the guys you obviously wanted who are taking up a nice piece of the payroll outside of the "Big 3" -- now it's just time to go win again with them.

Besides, no Raymond Felton or Michael Beasley is going to make up for so many defensive lapses the past few weeks. That's up to the guys in that locker room.

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