Vermilion High School student arrested after Snapchat gun message

Vermilion High School student arrested after Snapchat gun message

ERIE COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - The Erie County Sheriff's Department arrested a 16-year-old Vermilion High School student after a Snapchat photo of a gun was posted with a message mentioning a mass shooting.

According to a police report, the Sheriff's Office received a Snapchat photo from the Vermilion School District that showed a high school student holding a gun. The photo's caption said, "Did someone say mass shooting." School officials became concerned because there was a concert going on at Vermilion High School at the time the message was posted on Saturday. Additional school resource officers were requested to the event after the photo was discovered.

Deputies were able to identify the student in the photo. The student was located at a residence and was interviewed by deputies, according to the report. The student told deputies that the gun in the photo was actually a BB gun, and he was not aware of who took the photo and posted it on social media.

Deputies questioned the student's friend, who was at the residence when deputies arrived. He assisted the deputies with identifying the social media account, which belonged to a 16-year-old girl. Deputies were able to contact the teen girl, who admitted to sharing the photo on Snapchat. She told deputies that she posted the message as a "joke."

Deputies say the teen girl was arrested and taken to the Erie County Detention Home. She was charged with aggravated menacing.

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