Cleveland start-up called Tech Elevator develops the developers

Cleveland start-up called Tech Elevator develops the developers
Cleveland start-up called Tech Elevator develops the developers

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - So, you're looking to get into the software engineering field but already have a degree or you just don't think a four year university degree is in your future. There may be a solution for you.

Tech Elevator is a 14-week, full time, tech boot camp and they claim they'll get you ready to work, and help find you a job as a software developer.

Anthony Hughes, the C.E.O. of Tech Elevator, tells us there are over 15,000 software development jobs available in the state, and Ohio universities are, according to Hughes, turning out only 1,100 grads a year in the field.

"There is a massive supply demand mismatch in the field of technology and that's why Tech Elevator was built and founded to meet and triage the supply demand mismatch," Hughes said.

Tech Elevator has had PhD's, lawyers and high school grads enroll, and they say they have a 98 percent placement rate a 120 days post-graduation.

Rebecca Sullivan is one of those students. She's a Cleveland Institute of Music grad, who also earned an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.

Sullivan, while working in the marketing field, came to the conclusion that she would be happier working as a software developer so she enrolled at Tech Elevator.

"It gets you all the skills you need in a short period of time and teaches you how to teach yourself because it's changing so quickly," Sullivan said.

Sullivan and her husband quit their jobs and enrolled, and now both are working as software developers. Rebecca is working at Hyland Software, and credits the skill of her instructors at Tech Elevator, who have an average of 17 years of experience in the field, "Tech Elevator cut out the fat, so I just got the really relevant programming skills that I needed for the job."

Hughes says Tech Elevator has hired instructors from companies like Hewlett Packard, Sherwin Williams, Oracle and First Energy, "So, they're incredibly well equipped to teach the students effectively. At their core, what they are, are mentors."

Tech Elevator is located on Euclid Avenue in the heart of the Health/Tech Corridor.

You need to pass an aptitude test to enroll, the tuition is 12,000 dollars, and there are financing and housing options.

Tech Elevator offers three sessions a year and over a 100 students have graduated since the first class enrolled in the fall of 2015.

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