Nursing students travel 80-thousand miles to get degree

Nursing students travel 80-thousand miles to get degree

INDEPENDENCE, OH (WOIO) - For most people - graduation day is a time when we celebrate the end of a long, hard journey.

For Nicole Fields and two of her friends Shakiah Johnson and Nakeisha Green, the journey to graduation day, where they would get their associates degree in nursing from Hondros College of Nursing, was even longer than most.

"We drove to Cleveland every day. We had school and Clinicals and weather permitting, we just had to get out earlier and make it on time," said Nicole Fields of Michigan.

The three women would travel every day from their homes in Michigan to Hondros College's School of Nursing located in Independence, Ohio.

Why chose to commute to Hondros from Michigan several days a week? Wasn't there another nursing program that would have been closer?

"LPN to RN - the fifteen months to be able to get in and get out. That was pretty much why we chose Hondros. There was no wait list and that was it," added Fields.

You won't believe how many miles the trio of nursing students racked up - we calculated the number of miles roughly - 28,000 miles total for the first six months plus 300 miles a day, three days a week for 12 months - that's a total of close to 80,000 miles over the course of 15 months.

Imagine doing that as a mother of four with a full time job? Somehow Nicole Fields says she got it done.

"We definitely used a lot of money in gas - It was very much so worth it," said Fields.

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