Missing meds? Help may be on the way

Missing meds? Help may be on the way (Source: WOIO)
Missing meds? Help may be on the way (Source: WOIO)
Updated: Apr. 10, 2017 at 9:47 AM EDT
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Forget to take your medication? Or maybe you can't remember if you took it today. You may be worried about a family member who has to take multiple medications and sometimes gets confused about what they took it and when.

There may soon be some help. iRxReminder, a local startup, has developed what they call the iLidRx pod, that CEO Anthony Sterns calls a smart alert system to make it simple and easy to take your meds on time.

"When the green light comes on it means that the window is open to take your medication," Sterns said while demonstrating how the pod works.

The pod is mobile and you could place it in any visible spot in your home. A pharmacist would program the pod based on your doctors' orders. The light on the pod changes colors from green to yellow to red, yellow as an alert and red as an alert that you have missed your medication window.

Software built into the pod enables your doctor to have a record of how you are doing. "The physician often doesn't know how you're doing, they don't know the symptoms you're experiencing and they don't know how much medication you've taken," Stern says.

The software was originally developed as an app for smart phones, and clinical trials with the app showed an 85 percent adherence improvement and Sterns expects the pod to improve on that number.

The University of Michigan Cancer Center is using the pod in a clinical trial.

Improving your health, and then maintaining independence as you age are the goals of the iLidRx Pod. "You don't take your medications correctly and that leads to a hospital visit and people assume you can't take care of yourself anymore," Sterns said.

iRxReminder is looking for another investor and will soon put together a marketing team as they get closer to getting the product on the market.

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