Time to check your kid's bike and helmet for safety, comfort

Time to check your kid's bike and helmet for safety, comfort

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Chances are your child has grown since last summer. If they have, you'll need to adjust their bike seat accordingly.

"What you want to do is have the child sit on the bike - and you want the child comfortable on the bike. So, normally, you have just a little bit of bend in your knee at the bottom of the pedal stroke. So, to adjust that, you loosen up the seat collar, adjust the seat to where you think it's correct, and just tighten it right back down, and really, the correct spot is when they have a nice leg expression to the bottom of the pedal stroke," said Josh Ronschke of Century Cycles.

Tip toes to the ground is the rule to remember.

"It's really tiptoes to the ground is what we tell most people, but it is more of a comfort thing. If the child is not comfortable on the bike. We want them to be comfortable. So, if they are scared to be up high, you can lower it a little bit more," added Ronschke.

The single most important thing you need to do to make sure your child's bike is safe is to check the brakes.

"Going is good. Stopping is also good. What you want to do is if the bike is on the ground, you want to kind of roll the bike, squeeze the brake, make sure the brake is not being squeezed all the way to the handle bar. You want to have a nice firm brake, and the spin the wheel and make sure the wheel stops," said Ronschke.

Bike helmets should fit your child's head size, and the straps should fit snugly below their chin.

"Not super tight - just one or two fingers right underneath the chin," said Ronschke.

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