Mayor's grandson pulled over by police, man wanted for attempted murder was passenger

Mayor's grandson pulled over by police, man wanted for attempted murder was passenger

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's 20-year-old live-in grandson, Frank Jackson III, was pulled over by Cleveland Police this past week.

Jackson III was pulled over Sunday around 4:30 p.m. He has been accused of letting a passenger to ride in the bed of his pick-up truck as he was merging onto Interstate 77 southbound in downtown Cleveland.

A minor offense for Jackson III, but not for those inside his truck.

According to a police ticket, the mayor's grandson had three passengers inside his Ford F-150 truck and a fourth in the outside bed of the truck. Inside, police found a Glock 9M model 19 weapon on the back seat. It wasn't loaded.

One of Jackson III's passengers, Antonio Dulaney, 22, had a warrant out for his arrest for attempted murder.

Dulaney was arrested by Cleveland police on site for the attempted murder warrant, and a second passenger, 22-year-old Mark Crawford, was arrested for improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle and without a CCW.

A third passenger was cited for not having his safety belt on.

Cleveland 19 wanted to know what the mayor thought about the crowd his live-in grandson was hanging out with, and whether he knew of the incident.

"Don't think I don't have a conversation," he said, when asked. "That's why he doesn't carry a gun. That's why he doesn't steal. That's why he doesn't sell drugs. Because I have these conversations with him."

The mayor went on to say that his grandson lives in an environment where that is prevalent, adding that is not unusual in many neighborhoods in the city of Cleveland.

"Particularly the one I'm living in," the mayor said.

When asked about the young adults his grandson is keeping company with, the mayor said his grandson is going to have friends.

"If many of the kids have guns, they are going to have friends with guns," he said.

This isn't Jackson III's first run-in with the police. He's been involved in several other cases in the Cleveland area.

Jackson III has a traffic court date on April 24, though he is not required to appear.

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