Women's March Ohio holds vigil to support Syrian refugees

Women's March Ohio holds vigil to support Syrian refugees

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Women's March Ohio members gathered Thursday evening in downtown Cleveland to respond to the crisis in Syria.

"The civil war has been happening for six years in Syria and it just keeps getting worse and worse," said Shayne Terry, Women's March Ohio organizer.

Terry said the government should do more to help Syrian refugees.

"Women's March National has declared that they want the government to allow 75,000 Syrian refugees into the country," she said.

Many of the men and women who gathered in Public Square Thursday called the suspected Syrian chemical attack the final straw.

"What's going on over in Syria is just completely intolerable and we have to accept more of them here because there's no end in sight for what's going on over there," said Lucinda Garmus, Women's March Ohio member.

Garmus, and others, said they're choosing to step up now, in reaction to the recent US-led airstrikes in Syria. Many said they want a clear plan from President Donald Trump.

"We don't think we should go bomb a country then allow children to be held hostage before a government that is disenfranchising them," said Kathy Wray Coleman, Imperial Women Coalition head. "It's not land of the free if you keep people out based on suspicion."

Organizers said the downtown Cleveland rally was part of a larger message put together by Women's March National to support Syrian refugees.

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