2 pit bulls attack their owners in Cleveland the same day

Pit Bull attacks under investigation

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Anyone can see the pain of losing her pit bull, Blu, on Teresa Holiday's face.

"It hurt me so bad," she said.

He attacked her husband Tuesday night around 8:30. She explained why.

"My husband he hit me up side my head and then he knocked me down on the floor, then he put his foot on my throat and kicked me and that's when my dog attacked him. My dog wasn't no vicious dog," she said.

Her husband ended up in the hospital. While she's regretful her husband since 2001 was hurt, she feels really bad about Blu.

Blu was euthanized before she could explain to the folks at the Cleveland Animal Care & Control exactly why Blu attacked her husband. Blu, who weighed about 90 pounds, has been a family member for three years and three months.

"I had to call down there this morning to see if I could get him back. They said they had already put him," she said.

She said she just got off the phone and cried.

"It just hurt me so bad," she said. "That dog was just like a baby to me. Crying, crying."

There was another pit bull attack and that happened at that house. The owner found himself fighting the dog off in the driveway. It was so vicious that neighborhood kids were screaming. The man ran across the street and jumped in the back of this Ford F-150 to get away from the dog attack. That family didn't want to talk about what happened. They have several signs warning of dogs plastered all over, including this one that reads, "Danger." Unfortunately, it was the man of the house who proved to be in danger, not an intruder.

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