15 car break-ins being investigated by Cleveland police

Police investigate car break-ins in downtown Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland police are investigating 15 car break-ins that occurred overnight Sunday and into Monday morning.

"After looking around, there was probably 12-15 other cars that had damage to them," said Kelley Lackey who parks in the lot near the Warehouse District.

In total, Cleveland Police received more than a dozen calls for cars that had been damaged in two lots over night.

Nine car break-ins were reported overnight at the Metropolitan at the 9 luxurious hotel, located along East 9th Street near Euclid Avenue. Officers responded to the downtown hotel at 8:30 a.m. Monday to investigate. The cars were broken into while in the hotel's parking garage.

"I noticed the driver-side mirror had been, was hanging from the car," Lackey said. "On my car, both the mirrors were hanging off. One was just cracked. It looked like they jumped on top of my car, too. The hood is dented in. There are footprints on the hood and on the windshield."

She called police and was told she wasn't alone.

"I don't know what provoked someone to do that," Lackey said.

Lackey said nothing was stolen from her car, just a lot of damage, for no reason.

"It's just disappointing. You wouldn't hope that anyone would that to your property. Just confusion about why someone would do that," Lackey added.

Additionally, police are looking into several more separate car break-ins at vehicles parked on the west side of town. Six cars were broken into in the 1200 block of West 9th Street.

Police have not reported any arrests.

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