Strongsville teacher calls Ariana Grande backup dancers 'an inspiration'

Strongsville teacher calls Ariana Grande backup dancers 'an inspiration'
Brian and Scott Nicholson performing in their senior year
Strongsville high school senior pictures of Brian and Scott Nicholson (Source: WOIO)
Strongsville high school senior pictures of Brian and Scott Nicholson (Source: WOIO)

STRONGSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Two of Ariana Grande's backup dancers, Brian and Scott Nicholson, are from Strongsville. They were with her when an apparent suicide bomber attacked Grande's concert Monday in Manchester, England.

The Nicholson twins can be seen in multiple Ariana Grande videos, usually seen performing near the front or chatting with the pop star. The 32-year-old brothers graduated from Strongsville High School in 2003, and have a lasting legacy at the school as inspirations to current students.

"This is why I stay in teaching is I have the joy of watching my students evolve, and start from the beginning, and it's a joy for me to watch that, and I also use that as an inspiration for my students presently to watch how they can take their dreams, and make their dreams come true and I tell them all to dream big because look at Scotty and Brian," said Vickie Eicher.

Eicher has been a choir teacher in Strongsville City Schools for nearly 40 years, but immediately remembered the twins and their passion and kindness.

"Brian and Scotty, I've known for a long, long time. I've had the joy of working with them for a long, long time," said Eicher.

She said that she always knew the pair were destined for great things.

"I think they even came up with the phrase that, 'There is no front row without the back row,'" said Eicher.

The pair performed with Ariana Grande Monday night at a Manchester concert. Eicher said she was immediately concerned about her former students when she heard the news of the terror attack.

"As soon as I hear 'Ariana' I made the connection with the boys and I was in shock. You don't expect to hear news like that," said Eicher. "The first and foremost was that I really hoped and prayed that they were OK, and, also, as a mom, I could not imagine my daughter or any parent having to witness or live through this tragedy."

She said it was difficult to sleep Monday night.

Family members did say online that the brothers were safe after the terror attack. Eicher said that their family still lives in the area, and since they are well known in the high school community, teachers made an announcement Tuesday that the twins were all right.

Eicher said she doesn't anticipate that the tragedy will stop the brothers from performing in the future.

"I couldn't speak for them, but I know they love to perform and they would continue performing," said Eicher.

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