Residents upset by lack of upkeep at Conneaut cemetery

Residents upset by lack of upkeep at Conneaut cemetery

CONNEAUT, OH (WOIO) - Broken headstones and tall grass cover Clark's Corners Cemetery in the city of Conneaut.

Some of the graves have been there for nearly two centuries. Theed Huntley wishes the city would do more to restore the site.

"You go to the other cemeteries and they take care of those really good, but this one constantly gets neglected and they want to forget about it," he said.

Huntley has seven relatives buried at Clark's Corners Cemetery. One of them served in the Civil War.

"The Civil War is a big war. It defined who we are," Huntley said.

He said at least three Civil War veterans are buried at the cemetery. He got them military grave markers a couple years ago. Sunday, someone added American flags for Memorial Day.

"That's my biggest fear, after I'm gone it's going to turn into the woods here," Huntley said.

Huntley said he found the cemetery two decades ago, covered in weeds, trees and bushes. It sits off Furnace Road not far from Hatches Corner Road.

Huntley said he has voiced his concerns to the city more than a dozen times.

"Originally they said they'd put in a work order and mow it. It worked one time, and they said, all right, we are just going to weed whack it," he said.

Ohio state law requires cities mow cemeteries twice a year. Huntley said the city told him it's too tough to mow, so they weed whack instead.

"That's the excuse that they give me, that they can't do that,because there's graves that are too fragile here to mow on," Huntley said.

City of Conneaut records show more than 150 people are buried at Clark's Corners Cemetery. Huntley said he'll continue speaking up, because he believes the men and women buried there deserve more.

"A lot of these people buried here are the pioneers of Ashtabula County, they opened this land for us," he said. "They expect to be buried here and their graves taken care of. That's not too much to ask the city. That's what we pay taxes for."

Cleveland 19 News reached out to Conneaut's city manager, but didn't hear back Monday.

Monroe Township trustees told Cleveland 19 News they've had a couple complaints from residents about the cemetery's upkeep. The township's border is just down the road from Clark's Corners Cemetery.

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