Corrections officer who shot dog during vicious attack previously cited for dog-related offenses

Corrections officer who shot dog during vicious attack previously cited for dog-related offenses

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cuyahoga County corrections officer who shot a pit bull during a vicious attack on a child Tuesday had a previous animal-related run-in with the law last year.

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Records from Euclid Municipal Court show Michael Shaw Jr. was cited in February 2016 for five dog-related offenses. Shaw received citations for dog running at large, excessive animal noise, failing to register his animal, failing to provide the dog with adequate food and water, and nuisance activities involving an animal. The nuisance activities charge was amended to a disorderly conduct charge in July 2017, which Shaw pleaded guilty to. All other charges against Shaw were dropped.

According to the incident report obtained from Euclid Police, Shaw's white and brown pit bull was repeatedly getting out of his backyard. On February 21, 2016, the dog was running wild in the neighborhood and police responded to the home. Prior to police arriving, a neighbor was able to get the dog back into the yard, and used trash cans to block yard's entrance. The dog escaped again and the neighbor called police back to report the dog out yet again.

Shaw went to court for the citations and the dog was "moved out of the city" according to the Euclid Municipal Court docket.

The pit bull mentioned in the 2016 Euclid Police report is similar in description to Shaw's pit bull that attacked a 6-year-old girl in Cleveland on July 4, 2017. Shaw shot the dog several times during the attack involving the child. Cleveland Animal Control responded to the scene and removed the attack dog as well as another canine.

Could the dog in Euclid be the same dog that attacked a 6-year-old girl in Cleveland? Will Shaw be cited again?

We'll keep asking questions, and digging for answers.

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