Chipotle is testing out queso

Chipotle is testing out queso
Chipotle offering free burrito's.

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Chipotle Mexican Grill announced on Twitter queso is being tested at a location in New York City. The restaurant said hopefully queso becomes a nationwide trend at each location.

Chipotle also posted on Twitter there will probably be an extra charge for the queso.

Customers of Chipotle were excited to hear the news.

"It's hard enough to not get Chipotle every day walking home from the gym but not that they will get queso, idk what I'm gonna do," Liz Lucci said.

"The fact that Chipotle is getting queso completely erases every issue in my life," Derek Mears said.

"Chipotle has always been better than Moe's. But adding queso takes it to another level," Kyron Beale said.

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