Cleveland City Kennel overcrowded; $20 adoptions through July

Cleveland City Kennel overcrowded; $20 adoptions through July

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland City Kennel is full and workers need help getting dogs into loving homes.

The city can't turn dogs away. Just as fast as they're adopting dogs out, new ones are coming through the front door. Wednesday alone, they got nearly 30 dogs.

"They're not made for that. Dogs are social, they need to be in a home, they need to be with their human family, they need to have their fur family," said Cleveland Chief Animal Control Officer Ed Jamison.

Jamison said kennel workers are taking care of more than 180 dogs. It's the most crowded he's ever seen the shelter.

"We're cleaning those cages in preparation to come right back in. I think we brought in 28 dogs total (Wednesday) with our intake for dogs, so it literally fills up that fast this time of year," Jamison said.

He said the city shelter is fighting an uphill battle. They're working harder than ever to save dogs, but people need to help by spaying and neutering their pets.

"We don't need people out breeding dogs on their own. It's not helping," Jamison said.

The Cleveland City Kennel hasn't put a dog down due to overcrowding in more than two and a half years. They plan to keep that trend going, but it's tough when they're taking in more than 4,000 dogs a year.

To keep up with the crowds, they're transferring dogs to other shelters, sending them to foster homes and asking volunteers to step up.

"I took a dog home for an overnight. She's still at my house just because that's one more kennel that's available to be used," Jamison said.

While those quick fixes help for now, what the dogs need is to be adopted.

"Dogs and cats shouldn't be in shelters, it doesn't matter if it's the nicest shelter in the world, or one like this that will be replaced in a year," he said.

To try to encourage people to adopt and get dogs out of the shelter, the city kennel is doing $20 adoptions through the end of July. All dogs that leave the kennel are spayed or neutered and microchipped.

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