4-year-old hit by bullet fragments after shots fired from passing car

4-year-old shot in head in drive-by

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The intersection of West 28th and Division is in the middle of CMHA's Lakeview Terrace -- literally the mean streets of Cleveland, at the top of the Flats West Bank.

Cecilia Hill was in traffic behind a car that wasn't moving. She says she waited minutes before going around.

"She honked her horn and went around the car then she said the vehicle began following her," Cleveland police Detective Jennifer Ciaccia said.

The cars traveled several miles, on the Shoreway eastbound, over the river, and past downtown. The only description is that it was a White Pontiac of some sort with dark windows.

At roughly East 40th Street on the Shoreway, the shooting happened. The woman continued to East 55th, then got off and called for help.

Ciaccia says this was not meant to scare someone, it was meant to harm.

"They fired multiple shots -- more than 10 at her vehicle -- the vehicle was hit multiple times," she said.

Bullet fragments hit the woman's 4-year-old, Carter. Cecilia Hill and her 7-year-old daughter were not hit. Luckily, none of the fragments penetrated the boy's brain. He is in stable condition and should be OK, but it will take a while.

Ciaccia says it is important for anyone who knows anything to call police.

"We also need to remember that these individuals are still out there, it's pretty obvious that their very violent and that they do not have much regard for human life since they were firing at a vehicle that was moving," she said.

The suspect car is believed to be a white Pontiac model, with darkened windows. It was occupied by two black men at the time of the incident.

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